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Office Sanitizing

Germs are everywhere, in the fabrics and surfaces and in the air. From mold to H1N1, Flu, HIV and all kinds of bacteria can be dangerous to you, your clients and your employees. Here at Superior Janitorial Systems, we give you the tools to fight back. We can offer practical sanitizing services for your office, as well as suggest ways to improve the indoor air quality as wells as reduce the levels of bacteria and viruses in your office.

Open Surface Sanitizing :We Sanitize all touchable surfaces  in your office. We only use Clorox and and Amway PURSUE Disinfectants.

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Keyboard and Mouse Sanitizing :With your computer turned off by you and the keyboard and mouse unplugged, we use a Muti-step method to clean and sanitize your keyboard and mouse. We remove crumbs, food debris, and residues and then sanitize them. For offices where employees spend most of their time in front of a computer, this is a "must do" for a healthy office.

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Improving Indoor Air Quality with a Maintenance Review: Most offices have no idea where the air conditioning filtration system is or how often it is serviced. Many offices do not track which chemicals are used and where, however all these can be factors that lead to "Sick" air in the building. Beware of the electronic air filters (Such as the Ionic Breeze from Sharper Image) that use electricity to attract the dust and allergens from the air.  These filters produce ozone gas that kills pathogens very well, but is also TOXIC to humans.  We can give you a Maintenance Review to help address these areas.






















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