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Our Operations Policies

1. Sundays and Holidays

As a matter of policy Superior Janitorial Systems employees do not work on Sunday or on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.   All Work that is scheduled to be done on those holidays will be moved up before the holiday or done the next business day. 

2. Paper Supplies

We leave a note when any client is running low on Paper Supplies unless those supplies are delivered by Superior Janitorial Systems.  If paper supplies are not in by the next time we service, we leave a second note.  Please note that if supplies are not purchased, the dispensers will not be filled until those supplies have come in. We can purchase paper supplies for you, but that must be set up ahead of time.

 3. Garbage Cardboard and Recycling

We only dump garbage that is in the garbage cans. All garbage that is not in cans must be clearly labeled as garbage. Click Here for labels.  We will not assume that anything is garbage unless it is in a garbage can.  We can not be held liable for any item that is stored in a garbage can. Do not store anything a garbage can except garbage.

No Empty boxes will be assumed as garbage or recycling and dumped unless they are clearly labeled or placed in a designated area agreed to by a member of your office.  We do not assume all boxes are Garbage or Recycling.

We are not a licensed recycling or disposal company. By default, we only recycle what your building provides facilities for recycling. For most, that is cardboard or mixed paper recycling.  We can set up a recycling program for you, but that must be agreed to ahead of time.  Most buildings do not provide facilities for cans and bottles, one can be set up, but that must be pre- arranged.  

4. Desks and Counters Cleaning and Dusting

All desks and counters must be cleared off of items before they can be thoroughly cleaned. We can dust around most things on desks and counters, but if you desire a thorough cleaning, please remove all items from the desk or counter prior to our arrival.

5. Office Electronic Equipment

Superior  Janitorial Systems does not permit any employee to touch any electronic devices in clients offices.  We do not turn on radios or use telephones. We do not touch computers or copiers. We will dust all your electronic devices, but will make no other attempt to clean them other than to dust.

6. Alarms and Security

The Employees of Superior Janitorial Systems can operate most alarms currently available to secure your office. Please note that If you do not provide alarm cancelation codes to us, you may be fined by your city should we accidentally set off the alarm.  The Employees of Superior Janitorial Systems will secure doors and alarms upon leaving any account.  Should an any account door be unlocked or alarm not be activated when we arrive, we will leave you a note.

7. Blood and other hazardous waste

By  California State Law Superior Janitorial Systems cannot clean up Blood.  Blood or other Hazardous medical waste must be cleaned up by authorized and trained personnel. Contact  Cal/OSHA for details.

8. Cleaning after hours

We make every attempt not to disturb clients when we come to service your office. We do not start servicing clients until after business hours.  If however your office works late into the night, we will quietly work around you while we are in your office.  Please make every attempt to accommodate us so that we can provide a clean environment for you.

9.  Notes left for janitors

Please be specific when leaving the janitors a note, whether online or in your office. Never assume we know what you mean. When we show up it is usually after dark and the office looks very different to us than it does to you. You spend at least 8 hours a day in your office so certain things may seem obvious to you, but they are not always so obvious to us, so the more specific you can be the better we are able to help you.

Please Let us know the second that something does not look right.  Please do not wait. Our main goal is to provide the best quality service, and we cannot do that without feedback from you.  We need the ability to track what crew was on the account and when, therefore the sooner you tell us the happier you will be.

10. Employees

All our employees are English speaking, legal residents.  All of our employees are bonded and insured.  All employees must pass a background check to work for Superior Janitorial Systems. All employees carry camera phones for communications and in order to document any problems on an account such as, doors left open, notes left to janitors, or anything out of the ordinary.






















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